Cargo Trailers

Tiki cargo trailers are divided into two series: CS marked - bolt and rivet frame trailers; CP marked - fully welded frame trailers. Bolt and rivet cargo trailers are made from sheet metal cut and bent parts. The fully-welded frame is, as the name suggests, a single unit. The base frame and side port elements are welded together from laser-cut tubes and then hot-dip galvanized as a whole. Tiki welded frame cargo trailers also have hatches on the welded frame. For everyday use, we definitely recommend choosing a cargo trailer on a welded frame. Upgrade your trailer with accessories for the best user experience. The most purchased accessories for box trailers are tarpaulin, plastic cover, port risers and towing head lock. You can find a wide range of accessories for each box trailer in the list of accessories attached to the trailer.

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