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Maintenance guide

We offer high-quality repair and regular maintenance for trailers. We also help with more complex repairs.

Important to know!

Just like cars, trailers need regular maintenance. We recommend regular maintenance at least once a year. In the case of regular maintenance, the trailer’s drive units and electrical equipment are inspected. Regular maintenance is especially important for trailers with brakes, which need to be regularly checked for correct application of the brakes.

In our workshop, we are able to quickly carry out more complex repair work, which requires, for example, welding or the replacement of larger parts.

Book a service

We carry out trailer repair and maintenance at the Tiki sales office (Kadaka tee 185, Tallinn, tel. 6 550 915). There is also a wide selection of spare parts for quick maintenance and repair of trailers.

Book a repair or service appointment in advance by phone or e-mail:
Tel. (+372) 5300 0605
E-mail: esindus@tiki.ee

When booking, please state the model and year of manufacture of the trailer.

We send a preliminary estimate of the work based on the valid spare parts price list. When using the reseller’s services, the cost of the work should be specified with the relevant reseller.

You can find the contact details of resellers involved in the maintenance and repair of Tiki trailers on the resellers page.

We are always ready to share advice and recommendations about the use of the trailer, and it is also worth contacting us to check the technical condition of the trailer, for example before longer journeys.

NB! In order for your trailer to have a long service life and safe use, be sure to familiarize yourself with the entire contents of the Tiki trailer user manual before using the trailer for the first time. The user manual is always available with the help of a QR code, which you can find on the drawbar of your trailer.

Right to submit a claim

TIKI trailers are subject to a two-year right of complaint for manufacturing defects under EU consumer protection directives from the date of purchase. In addition, national consumer rights may apply. Contact your regional consumer protection authority for more information on national requirements.

In case you detect a fault If a fault occurs, stop using the trailer as soon as possible to prevent the fault from aggravating! Submit a claim for a defect at the store that sold the trailer as soon as possible! Attach photos of the defect and a trailer purchase document to the problem description.

Manufacturing defects do not include damage or other issues resulting from:

  • ignoring the information in the manual;
  • using the trailer in an improper or careless manner;
  • non-compliance with road traffic requirements;
  • unauthorised conversion of a trailer;
  • normal wear and tear of the trailer;
  • use or storage in a corrosive environment;
  • mechanical damage to the trailer during operation.

Complaints will be resolved in cooperation with the representative of the trailer manufacturer. Expenditure incurred on your own initiative to repair defects will not be reimbursed by the manufacturer.

Tiki Sales Representative

Sales and maintenance

Tel. (+372) 5300 0605
Tel. (+372) 655 0915