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Trailers for passenger cars | Buy conveniently at Tiki e-shop | Built for towing!

Our trailers are manufactured based on long-term experience, quality and environmental sustainability. We have been manufacturing passenger car trailers for the Baltic and Scandinavian markets for over 30 years to satisfy the needs of even the most demanding customers. The harsh conditions of the Nordic countries have presented a real challenge to our product developers - to build trailers that would be durable, but at the same time with a modern design. Functionality and innovation are expressed in all Tiki trailers. Trailer parts that are not manufactured by our factory are purchased from the world's leading manufacturers to ensure maximum trailer durability. Our product range includes box trailers, boat trailers, beach trailers, jet trailers, truck trailers, small tractor trailers, van trailers and warm trailers. In cooperation with customers, we have also custom-made a large number of trailers for very different purposes. Car owner - we are your best choice when finding a personal transport solution!